Installing Visualboy

Because VBA is a handheld console emulator there aren't many sites around holding roms for it. You could try a search engine like Google with the keywords Gameboy Advance Roms or Nintendo Roms. For the BIOS file search for BIOS.GBA in google.

The best place for games are newsgroups or torrent sites. Lists of all released titles are available at GBATemp.

All you need to do to install roms is to copy the zipped roms to the C:\VBA\Roms directory.

You will also have to extract the BIOS into your C:\VBA folder. You'll need to have Winrar or and eqivalent installed. To install the BIOS files you need to right click over the zipped BIOS file and select "extract to...". Now type C:\VBA. You will find that a lot of early GBA games will work without the BIOS as VBA emulates most of the BIOS commands but newer games definately require it.