The Rebuilder

The rebuilder is an advanced way to re-create rom files and find missing rom files without having to download them. It does it by using the CRC32 checksums which are unique to each rom rather than using the rom name which can be very different from file to file. From the main start window press the rebuilder button and you will see this screen...

Rebuilder Screen

What rebuilder does is take rom files from the source directory, sorts them out and save the new file into the destination directory.

For instance... If you have a complete set of MAME roms and a new update comes out. Once you've downloaded the new roms you can use the rebuilder to look in the folder where the new roms are and create / fix sets of roms in your MAME folder. To do this point your source folder to the new roms and the destination folder to your MAME roms folder and then press the rebuild button. It is worthwhile to run a full scan both before and after a rebuild.

You can also use this to create sets of roms for emulators that share the MAME rom sets. Examples of this would be the M2 Emulator or Finalburn Alpha. Once you have downloaded a dat file you'll need to set it up. Now you can set the source folder as you MAME roms folder and the destination to be the other emulator's roms folder and again press rebuild.

Heres a description of the options you can set...