Once you have loaded a profile press the "Settings" button as you need to tell CLRMame where the roms are that it needs to check. You will now see this window...

Settings Screen

To do this make sure that "ROM Paths" is selected and then you need to press the "Add" button in the paths section. A small file window will open where you can select the roms directory you need.

The other paths you can set up are samples (Needed by Mame), additional files , unneeded (lets you filter out file types using their extensions like *.txt) and sets.

If you are using a dat file for non rom files such as flyers or cabinet pictures for Mame you must follow a few pointers. Firstly it's best to leave the files in a single zip file e.g. or You will also need to set up the path for the zipped file under the ROM Paths tab.

This next part gives you an example of how to set up the paths for you profile. I'll use Mame as its one of the hardest to set up.

First you need to tell CLRMame where to find the Mame roms and samples as Mame needs samples for certain games and they need to be checked also). In the ROM paths section press add and find your mame\roms directory. Now You will now need to change where it say "ROM Paths" to "Sample Paths", press add and find your Mame\Samples directory. Make sure both directories that you have set up have ticks next to them and now you can finally press OK.

You can also see there is are a couple of sections containing options.

Press OK when you're done and you should go back to the start window.