September 2nd 2011

Fixed a few errors in some of the folder descriptions. Thanks to etabeta for the feedback. Updated the PDF guide to reflect the changes too.

August 30th 2011

Added a downloadable PDF version of the MAME guide for all you portable types! Just click the link in the MAME guide index.

August 27th 2011

OK maybe it's time for some updates....

So what's new? Well you can see the whole theme of the site has changed. I got fed up with the bland "Mac" look I'd been using and I wanted to make it more "arcadey" in style. I think that I've achieved this quite well.

Other updates...

Every page of the MAME Guide has been updated.
All the graphics and screen grabs have been updated.
There's been a lot of restructuring of pages.
Any redundant information has been removed.
All the site links have been checked and updated.
All the information is up to date with MAME 0.143.
Theres a new page on the HLSL effect.
Theres a new guide for the IV/Play frontend.
The compilation guide for MAME is up to date.
The MESS Guide is no more.
The CLRMame Pro guide is up to date.
The WINUAE guide is a WIP.

There's probably some other stuff I forgot too.


July 28th 2008

I've been looking at the stats of who visits easyEmu and what site refers them. Most of the referals come from the Visual Boy Advance emulator site. Unfortunately that was one of the guides that bit the dust a few weeks ago. But I thought that wasn't very fair so I've updated and uploaded it for you guys. Hope you enjoy it.

July 4th 2008

A new year and a new look!

Well actually it's been three and a half years but that's not the point. EASYEMU IS BACK...finally!

O.K. So what's new?

Firstly, most of the old redundant guides and tutorials have gone. What I want to focus on now are the "big" four above but that won't stop me adding more emulators in the future. You'll obivously notice the new look which is a lot cleaner than before. Also I've made the site a lot easier to keep up to date.

The first MAJOR update is the MAME guide which has been completely re-written. It's now fully up to date with the latest versions. In addition to the usual stuff there are also pages on how to compile your own version of MAME.

Also the CLRMame Pro guide has been updated to the latest version.

The WinUAE and MESS guides are still very out of date but have been updated to the new layout. They both will be updated over the next few weeks..