User Interface

Mame's User Interface

This is the default user interface for Mame. For many years, Mame was strictly a command line program and relied on frontends to make it "user friendly". MameUI was the "go to" version of Mame as it had a Windows based user interface which made things a lot easier. It also supported artwork and dat based information for each system. Mame did eventually catch up a few years ago by adding a basic game list but still lacked any filters and game setup. Finally in 2016, version 0.171 integrated the MewUI frontend, giving full on-screen configuration and a filtered system list. This page will take you through how to use the UI and how to configure Mame's systems.

You can navigate the UI with a mouse, joystick or keyboard. Here are the default keys...

UI Control Keys Description
Arrow Keys Up, Down, Left, Right, Increase Value, Decrease Value
Page Up, Page Down, Home, End Quickly Move Game List.
Enter Select Option/System.
Tab Select Frame.
Escape Exit Mame.