Keyboard Shortcuts

Mame has a lot of keyboard controls when running. Here is a list of all the shortcuts...

In Game Keys Description
Scroll Lock This key enables/disables typing on computer and keyboard based systems. If enabled, you will not be able to access any UI controls.
5,6,7,8 Insert coin into coin slots 1 - 4
1,2,3,4 Player 1-4 start buttons
Arrow Keys Up, Down, Left Right (Player 1)
LCtrl Fire 1 (Player 1)
LAlt Fire 2 (Player 1)
Space Fire 3 (Player 1)
LShift Fire 4 (Player 1)
Z Fire 5 (Player 1)
X Fire 6 (Player 1)
R,F,G,D Up, Down, Left Right (Player 2)
A Fire 1 (Player 2)
S Fire 2 (Player 2)
Q Fire 3 (Player 2)
W Fire 4 (Player 2)
No Default Fire 5 (Player 2)
No Default Fire 6 (Player 2)
Backspace Bill 1
T Tilt
LShift Player 1 Start (Mega Tech/Play)
W Player 1 Start (Mega Tech/Play)
9 Reset (Mega Tech/Play)
0 Select (Mega Tech/Play)
- Enter (Mega Tech/Play)
5 Add Time (Playchoice 10)
0 Select Game (Playchoice 10)
1 Toggle 1 or 2 Player Mode (Playchoice 10)
2 Start Game (Playchoice 10)
9,0,-,= Insert service coin (Only works in service mode).
F1 Enable crosshairs on lightgun games
F2 Service Mode
F3 Reset Game
LShift + F3 Hard Reset
F4 Show system graphics, tiles and pallettes. Press F4 to close.

Palette/colortable mode:
  [ ] - switch between palette and colortable modes
  Up/Down - scroll up/down one line at a time
  Page Up/Page Down - scroll up/down one page at a time
  Home/End - move to top/bottom of list
  -/+ - increase/decrease the number of colors per row
  Enter - switch to graphics viewer

Graphics mode:
  [ ] - switch between different graphics sets
  Up/Down - scroll up/down one line at a time
  Page Up/Page Down - scroll up/down one page at a time
  Home/End - move to top/bottom of list
  Left/Right - change color displayed
  R - rotate tiles 90 degrees clockwise
  -/+ - increase/decrease the number of tiles per row
  Enter - switch to tilemap viewer

Tilemap mode:
  [ ] - switch between different tilemaps
  Up/Down/Left/Right - scroll 8 pixels at a time
  Shift+Up/Down/Left/Right - scroll 1 pixel at a time
  Control+Up/Down/Left/Right - scroll 64 pixels at a time
  R - rotate tilemap view 90 degrees clockwise
  -/+ - increase/decrease the zoom factor
  Enter - switch to palette/colortable mode

  Note: Not all games have decoded graphics and/or tilemaps.
Alt + LCtrl + F5 Toggle HLSL Post-Processing.
F6 Enable / Disable Cheat if cheats are enabled.
F7 Load a saved system state from a saved slot.
LShift + F7 Save a systems current state to 1 of 10 slots (If supported).
LCtrl + F6 Decrease Prescaling.
LCtrl + F7 Increase Prescaling.
F8 Decrease frame skip during a game.
F9 Increase frame skip during a game.
F10 Speed Throttle (Makes the current system run as fast as your system will allow by removing internal frame and cpu limitations)
F11 Shows the current systems frames per second and frameskip information.
LShift + F11 Enables the profiler in debug versions.
F12 Saves image of system screen to snaps directory.
LShift + F12 Save your system usage as a movie file.
P Pause the system.
LShift + P Skip one frame forward if paused.
LShift + Tilde Skip one frame back if rewind is activated. "~" Key
ESC Return to the UI (if enabled).
"~" or "¬" (Above Tab) Open slider controls.
Insert Runs the system at full throttle and full frameskip.
Tab Access the systems configuration menu

UI Control Keys Description
Arrow Keys Up, Down, Left, Right, Increase Value, Decrease Value
Enter Select Option/System.
Tab Select Frame.
Escape Exit Mame.