Files You Will Need.

For now just leave the files on your desktop or wherever you browser downloads them to. The files are all pre-configured with the correct addons inside them.


For MAME...

1. MingW

Click the link here to open the MAME Dev tools page. MingW is the program used to compile MAME and there are 32bit and 64bit versions available. The 64bit version requires a 64bit operating system where as the 32bit version works on both. The one you download will determine the type of MAME exe that is compiled

2. MAME Source Files

This is the full souce for MAME. Choose the official source file in zip format.

3. Compile Extras

These are a couple of really useful batch files to help you compile from the command line.


For MameUI...

You need all the above files and these too..

5. MameUI Source Files

The source version you download file must match the current source file downloaded for MAME.

6. MameUI Compiler Extras

These are a few files to compile MameUI's help files.

7. MameUI Compiler Batch File

Again a couple of useful batch file to help the compilation process.