Compiling MAME

The Final Checks

Find your c:\mamesrc folder in My Computer. You'll see this...

mamesrc folder

If you have put mingw in a different folder other than c:\mingw then you need to set the path for it in both batch files. Right click the MakeMAME.bat file and select "Edit". This will open the file in notepad like this...


Where it says set path= change the path to where the mingw folder is. You will also need to change the next line to make -j3. As an example here is a 64bit makemame batch file...

make mame

Do the same for the PatchMAME.bat file like this...


Double click the command prompt icon and you'll see this...

command prompt

Type makemame, press enter and the compilation process will take place. This can take from minutes to hours depending on you processor. It take between 7 and 8 minutes on my i7 2600K @ 4.6ghz with compiler optimizations. You can abort the process at any time by pressing ctrl+c. The screen will say "Terminate Batch Job Y/N" press y to exit.

Once its done

The compiler will create the MAME "EXE" file. This will get deposited in your c:\mamesrc folder.

You need to copy the new file to your normal MAME folder and overwrite the old file. If the version is newer than your old one you may need to follow the Mame Updates page here.

You will also notice a folder called obj which contains the ready compiled parts of MAME. If you update the source then the compiler will use the ready compiled parts in this folder and only have to compile the updated ones. It's only worth deleting this folder if you get compiler errors.