Setting Up The Compiler

You now need to find the files on your desktop or wherever you browser downloads them to. You should have...

Compile Files

Get yourself a copy of WinRAR or equivalent so you can extract the files.

1. Installing MingW

Double click the mingw-mame-20070810.exe self extracting archive and in the new window type c:\mingw. Like this...

Compile MingW

This will create the mingw folder on your C: drive. You could extract it elsewhere but it will over complicate things later on especially if you put it somewhere like your desktop. The reason this is because you have to set a path to mingw in a file and c:\mingw is far more easier than c:\users\username\desktop\mingw. See what I mean?

2. MAME Source Files

Double click the (xxxx is the version number) file you've downloaded and WinRAR will open up showing a file called The next step is to extract this file to your desktop by dragging it over and empty space. Now right click the file, select "Extract Files..." and type c:\mamesrc in the dialog box like this...

Source File

Press enter and the files will extract. This takes a few moments.

4. Compile Extras

Right click the and select "Extract File..." In the dialog box type c:\mamesrc and press enter like this...

Source File

What you should have!

In your c:\mamesrc folder you should have...

correct src

In your c:\mingw folder you will have a sub-folder called mingw64-w64 or mingw32-w32. This is dependant on the file you've downloaded. Inside there should have...

mingw right

If your folders are right then you can move onto the next page.