MAME INI files

Rather than using the command line to set up the options you want to use in MAME you can adjust a file called mame.ini. This is where MAME stores it's default configuration information.

To edit the file in windows find the mame.ini file in the C:\Mame folder (it will have an icon next to it that looks like a text pad with a yellow stamp on it) and then double click it. This will automatically bring up the mame.ini file in notepad. There are several parts to it and as you can see they relate to the command line options above.

The format of the file is simple to follow, most things with a yes / no answer are denoted by 0 for no and 1 for yes. there are also a few numerical options (e.g. gamma) and a few that require a text answer (e.g. rom path)

If you configure this file correctly you wont need to add options onto the command line.

Don't worry if you muck the whole file up because if you can delete it and, if you run Mame -cc again it will make another.

corner eded cxcx
xcxcxc cxcxcx
zzcxz xcxzcz cxzcdszcd

All of the options listed above have full descriptions on the command line options page here. This file will change the settings for all games. You can set up individual config files for complete drivers and separate games too.