Installing MameUI

MameUI is downloaded as a self extracting archive. Once you've downloaded it, double click the MameUI file. You should see this...


In the box that appears use the directory "C:\" and then press the "Extract" button. This will create the MameUI folder. The backslash "\" is important as if it's not there it'll extract on to your desktop. The folder it creates is called MameUI32 (or 64) so if you want to share your Mame folder (if you have one!) you'll need to copy the files into it. Alternatively you can configure Mame32 to use different folders than it defaults to but you'll find out how to do that later.

You can quite happily have MAME and MameUI running in the same folder as long as the versions match. If you have different versions they may expect different roms to be available for games.

What you should see in the MameUI folder!

Here is a picture of the folders that are created if you extract MameUI. Check in Windows Explorer if you are unsure whether you have followed above correctly.


Below is a brief explanation of what can be found or put in each folder.

Details about the additional files can be found on the Additional Files page here.