Tools Guide

Castool.exe Command Line

Mame comes with a set of tools which allow you to manipulate some of the files that it uses to run systems. For most users they are completely unnecessary, but sometimes they can be very useful. For instance, if you want to create a hard drive to go into an Amstrad PC, you can create your own disk image in chdman and mount it when the system starts. You could also convert cassette images with castool, back into wav files and play them into real hardware. It's hard to put these tools into simple terms but hopefully I'll make them a bit easier to follow.

Here's a quick description of the tools and what they do.

File Description
castool.exe Converts cassette image files back to an audio file in wav format.
chdman.exe Chdman can create, compress, decompress and patch Mame's disk images
floptool.exe Floptool can identify and convert floppy disk images.
imgtool.exe Imgtool is used to identify, create and manage disk images.
jedutil.exe Jedutil allows you to convert binary rom images between the JEDEC or PLA formats.
ldresample.exe Ldresample allows you to modify laser disk images.
ldverify.exe Ldverify check laser disk images for errors.
nltool.exe Used to run, test and convert netlists.
nlwav.exe Converts netlist log files into wav audio files.
romcmp.exe Romcmp allows you to check or compare rom image files.
unidasm.exe Unidasm is a universal disassembler for software used on certain systems emulated in Mame.