Unidasm is Mame's universal disassembler. The details below come straight from the Mame documentation. To be honest, 99.9% of Mame users will never need to use this program, but here's some details anyway.


unidasm <filename> -arch <architecture> [-basepc <pc>] [-mode <n>] [-norawbytes] [-flipped] [-upper] [-lower] [-skip <n>] [-count <n>]

Supported Architectures

8x300       h6280        m58846         powerpc       tms1000
adsp21xx    h8           m6502          pps4          tms1100
alpha8201   h8h          m6509          psxcpu        tms32010
alto2       h8s2000      m6510          r3000be       tms32025
am29000     h8s2600      m65c02         r3000le       tms32031
amis2000    hc11         m65ce02        rsp           tms32051
apexc       hcd62121     m6800          s2650         tms32082_mp
arc         hd61700      m68000         saturn        tms32082_pp
arcompact   hd6301       m68008         sc61860       tms34010
arm         hd6309       m6801          scmp          tms34020
arm_be      hd63701      m68010         scudsp        tms57002
arm7        hmcs40       m6802          se3208        tms7000
arm7_be     hp_hybrid    m68020         sh2           tms9900
arm7thumb   hp_5061_3001 m6803          sh4           tms9980
arm7thumbb  hyperstone   m68030         sh4be         tms9995
asap        i4004        m68040         sharc         tp0320
avr8        i4040        m6805          sm500         tx0_64kw
capricorn   i8008        m6808          sm510         tx0_8kw
ccpu        i802x        m6809          sm511         ucom4
cdp1801     i8051        m68340         sm590         unsp
cdp1802     i8052        m68hc05        sm5a          upd7725
clipper     i8085        m740           sm8500        upd7801
coldfire    i8089        mb86233        sparcv7       upd7807
cop410      i80c51       mb86235        sparcv8       upd7810
cop420      i80c52       mb88           sparcv9       upd78c05
cop444      i860         mcs48          sparcv9vis1   upi41
cop424      i8x9x        minx           sparcv9vis2   v60
cp1610      i8xc196      mips3be        sparcv9vis2p  v810
cquestlin   i960         mips3le        sparcv9vis3   x86_16
cquestrot   ie15         mn10200        sparcv9vis3b  x86_32
cquestsnd   jaguardsp    nanoprocessor  spc700        x86_64
ds5002fp    jaguargpu    nec            ssem          xavix
dsp16a      konami       nuon           ssp1601       z180
dsp32c      lc8670       nsc8105        superfx       z8
dsp56k      lh5801       patinho_feio   t11           z80
e0c6200     lr35902      pdp1           tlcs870       z8000
esrip       m146805      pdp8           tlcs90
f8          m37710       pic16c5x       tlcs900
g65816      m4510        pic16c62x      tms0980