April 2nd 2018

So I noticed that the site was not tablet/mobile friendly. Nothing really scaled down very well, so I've made a few updates.

The all content now responds to the page size.
The all menus are now a drop-down menus, accessible from the top bar.
The news page fonts are smaller.
The image zoom function is much better.
I've added separators to the longer pages to help navigation.
Fixed the background scaling on the home and news pages.
Removed the top menus on the Mame Options pages. They were very broken!
Added COMM_FRAMESYNC to the CORE COMM Mame Options page.
Added a section on folder .ini files to the Configure Options page on the User Interface top menu.
Fixed the information on the imgtool and unidasm pages.

I've also tweaked a lot of the layouts to standardize the overall theme.


March 16th 2018

So... seven years is a long time between updates. A lot of things in life can get in the way of a hobby. Work, kids and family are just a few. I have had several attempts at reviving EasyEmu over the years, but could never build enough motivation to get anywhere. I've always had an idea of what I wanted to achieve, but hit brick wall after brick wall which prevented me getting the design I wanted. It wasn't until I found the W3 Schools and their ready made CSS files, that I found the system that could deliver my "vision".

Well it's been a year in the making and I've finally finished updating the Mame guide here on EasyEmu. As you can see, I have completely re-designed the site... again! I hope that you guys find it easier to follow than the old site. What you may also have noticed is that all the other guides have gone. Honestly, having a guide for Visualboy was kind of a waste of time. The only guide that I might bring back is the CLRMame guide but it needs a lot of work to get it up to date.

So what's new...

Total site re-design to modern "material" design.
Up to date with current Mame version.
MESS machines and software integrated into the guide.
Up to date with current Windows versions.
New user interface explained.
99% re-write of all pages.
Additional Media pages expanded.
Getting Started pages expanded.
Configuration Files pages expanded.
In-Game Menus pages expanded.
Mame Options pages re-structured.
Updated all images.
MameUI and IVPlay pages removed.
CLRMame, WinUAE & Visualboy guides deprecated.
Mame compilation pages deprecated.
All other redundant information removed.
Links updated.
PDF Guide deprecated (at the moment).
Added pages for the tools that come with Mame.

...and probably a load of stuff I've forgotten.

Goodbye Old Friend!


March 2017

Sometimes it takes a bit of inspiration to get back into maintaining a web site... Let the re-write begin!


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