Using Kickstart Roms

In order to get WinUAE to run you will require an Amiga kickstart rom image. These can be obtained from various sites on the internet. Try using Google to search using the keywords "amiga kickstart rom".

The kickstart rom was the Amiga's equivalent of a PC BIOS. However unlike the PC an Amiga kickstart ran the mouse and determined the look of Workbench, the Amiga's operating system. Being a computer emulator and the Amiga going through several variants there are several versions of kickstart available.

In WinUAE the kickstart roms are very important as older games will only work on certain versions. For maximum compatability you will need a kickstart 1.3, a kickstart 2.0 and a kickstart 3.1 rom image.

To install the rom image just extract the zipfile into your main WinUAE folder. You can find out how to use them in the Setting Up WinUAE section.